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by Rich Goldman
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The holiday season is in full swing and we don’t want you to miss your opportunity to shine merry and bright as the hostess with the mostess.  Is planning a holiday party still on your “to do” list or do you feel like you should host a holiday party this year?  Instead of scrambling at the last-minute during the busy holiday season and competing for peak December dates, event hosts and planners should consider kicking off the new year with a stand out bash.

Hosting a “holiday” party in January may sound bizarre, but it is becoming a popular and smart trend.  Here are the top 5 reasons why it is best to hold off on your hosting duties until after Christmas and New Years have passed.

1. Venue and Vendor Availability

Don’t be one of the many party planners worried about booking the perfect venue for the perfect date this year.  Booking your favorite venue and vendors during the high demand holiday season can be challenging for your date of choice before the New Year.  Popular venues get booked up fast and are often reserved as much as a year in advance. Even if you are able to book a spot on an off night, finding a date that works for all of your guests, vendors, and the venue is near impossible.  If you wait to host your party to kick-off January right, you’ll find the venue, vendor and date options endless.

2. Increased Attendance

December schedules are already jam-packed with parties and family and friend obligations.  People start feeling the holiday party burnout around the third week in December.  Instead of squeezing in another traditional year-end bash, look ahead and plan an event to celebrate the New Year. When January hits, people are more rested, the holiday frenzy has settled down and people are more motivated to gather together welcoming events on their lighter social schedules.  You also have a better chance of getting more prominent guests at your party and less pop in and out attendees which is a different story in December.  Besides people actually being able to come to the event, it’s for everybody and more inclusive for those that don’t celebrate Christmas.

3. Spend Less with a Bigger Budget

In addition to guest availability, companies and event planners have bigger budgets to work with in the New Year.  Venues and vendors are also less expensive in January so you can save money or spend more on making the party bigger and better.

4. More Decorative Options

Hosting your party after the holidays opens up a lot of paths you can take for the event theme and style.  You aren’t restricted by the holidays and you can be the first host to incorporate 2018 event color and décor trends.

5. Incorporate 2018 Event Trends

Here’s your opportunity to take your attendee experience to the next level and show your guests that you are up to date on the newest and most impressive event trends.  Incorporate trends that are popular New Year’s resolutions such as health, mindfulness, giving, gratitude and sustainability and you are guaranteed to receive bonus points and happy guests.

Top Event Trends in 2018:

·      Non-traditional locations and unique venues

·      Personalized and intimate experiences

·      Advanced event technology

·      Extravagant décor- balloons, mixing metals and millennial pink

·      Thoughtful sustainability

·      Nostalgia- connect emotionally

·      Custom and local elements

·      Incorporate mindfulness and leisure activities

Set a positive tone for the coming year and treat your event as a celebration of the holiday season closing.  Your guests will be more engaged and interested in relaxing and enjoying the party.

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