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See the Sights of San Francisco Bay Aboard GAS LIGHT

by Rich Goldman

San Francisco Bay is one of the nation's true landmarks, leaving indelible images of the beautiful orange of the San Francisco Bay Bridge as it spans across the sparkling waters below. For those who are lucky enough to experience this breathtaking sight, it is a memory that will last a lifetime. Even luckier are the people who get to see San Francisco from the water. Charter boats such as Bay Lights Charter's GAS LIGHT schooner provide an all-access pass to San Francisco Bay and beyond, allowing guests to experience one of the world's most beautiful bays from a unique vantage point. While aboard the majestic GAS LIGHT, here are just a few of the incredible sights that can be seen:

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AT&T ParkAT&T Park

As one of the country's most beloved ballparks, AT&T Park has elevated the idea of a city ball field. Located in the South Beach neighborhood of the city on the edge of Mission Bay, AT&T Park is nestled along the gorgeous San Francisco Bay and offers one of the most jaw-dropping views of the water and beyond.


TiburonTiburon California

Located just north of San Francisco, Tiburon is a picturesque hamlet that stretches south into the San Francisco Bay. Just alongside Tiburon is the beautiful Angel Island, a small island with a history that spans over 2,000 years.


The PresidioPresidio San Francisco-1

Sprawled across 1,500 acres on the Northside of San Francisco Peninsula, The Presidio is a former military base that has become a famed National Park. Offering a mix of trails, forested areas, world class restaurants and an abundance of scenic vistas, The Presidio is a true San Francisco treasure.


Coit TowerCoit Tower San Francisco

One of the centerpieces of the San Francisco skyline, Coit Tower can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. Sitting atop Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower has been an iconic sight in the San Francisco's cityscape since 1933.


Berkeleyberkeley california

Located just east of San Francisco, Berkeley is a city famous for its cultural movement in the 1960's. It is also home to the renowned University of California at Berkeley, one of the great educational institutions in the country.


Alcatraz IslandSan Francisco Alcatraz

Found just over a mile offshore from San Francisco, Alcatraz Island is one of the country's top tourist destinations. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this island is home to Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, a former prison made famous in popular culture with movies such as The Rock and Escape from Alcatraz.


USS Pampanito SubmarineUSS Pampanito Submarine

In use during World War II, the USS Pampanito took part in six patrols in the Pacific Ocean while on duty. Today, this submarine is maintained by The Maritime Park Association and can be viewed from its home on San Francisco's historic Pier 45.


Fisherman's Wharffishermans warf

One of the San Francisco's most visited locales, Fisherman's Wharf is a bustling area along the city's northern waterfront. Famous for its restaurants, shops, sea lions and scenic views, Fisherman's Wharf has something for everyone.


Crissy Fieldcrissy field

Formerly used as an airfield for the U.S. Army, Crissy Field is now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Today, Chrissy Field is a serene recreational area that offers visitors stunning views along its beaches, tidal marshes and trails.


Treasure IslandTreasure Island

Established in 1939, Treasure Island is a man-made island that was created for the Golden Gate International Expo. Along with its sister island, Yerba Buena Island, this area covers over 500 acres offering lots of outdoor activities, restaurants and shops.

Bay Lights Charters calls the beautiful San Francisco Bay its home and can make seeing incredible sights such as these a reality when you book a charter boat event with us. We invite you to contact us for more information.

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