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Sailing the San Francisco Bay: A New Perspective

by Mary Burgin

I thought I had seen the best of the San Francisco Bay Area having been there many times over the years, but I had a change of mind when I had the opportunity to experience it by water. Family, friends, food, drinks and a beautiful boat to see the land from the other side; the Bay. I didn’t think it would be that different and was pleasantly surprised by a surreal experience. 

We began the trip with picturesque views of Alcatraz and dolphins leaping above the water off the side of the boat. Gigantic cargo ships busily loading and unloading goods from all over the world towered above us as we sailed by unnoticed. Coasting by Fisherman’s Wharf and viewing the harbor seals from oceanside was a complete thrill. Adjacent to Pier 39 were several historical war ships such as the,Jeremiah O’Brien, easily enjoyed from the water. Sailing past the AT&T Baseball Park while the San Francisco Giants practiced is not an every day occurrence. Anchoring at Angel Island to grill a tantalizing lunch was certainly a memorable experience.  

We all know that thousands of people drive over the infamous Golden Gate Bridge every year. We have all seen the many famous photos taken of this mighty structure. However, I was able to capture it in all its grandeur sailing UNDER it! I have superb photos others will never attain. How many people can say that they have done that? This truly was a wonderful way for my family and I to celebrate a rewarding career and the beginning of my retirement. I certainly will never forget it and I have hundreds of pictures to prove it!
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