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How to Evaluate Event Venues in San Francisco

by Anna Harutyunyan

Beautiful and golden San Francisco is often referred to as the City by the Bay. While this is just one of its many popular nicknames, we also know it's where Tony Bennett left his heart back in the sixties and the place where Steve Perry, the former frontman of the popular seventies band Journey watched the lights go down.

Most of us know this multi-cultural gem of a metropolis is home to tons of fantastic destinations and venues. Tourists continually visit every place from Alcatraz to Chinatown and eventually travel across the signature Golden Gate Bridge as a part of this memorable adventure. Yet San Francisco is often a tricky destination to explore when seeking a venue when it's rife with a number of different restrictions.

Before your next adventure to a unique San Fran event, when you're looking at booking, consider whether or not your host will have all of these necessary amenities available at their disposal for you and your guests.

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1. Parking Perils

Unless you're a local or a regular visitor to this town, you already know parking is a real nightmare day or night. Weekdays, weekends, holidays, you name it, pick a day, any day of the week, finding a place to cop a spot with your car is next to impossible. So be sure there's plenty of nearby lots to choose from, you heard that correctly, plural as in lots. One nearby parking structure or other available parking spaces simply aren't enough to accommodate a vehicle inside this crowded city. Better yet, make sure your venue offers transportation to-and-from their location from the airport, train station or another locale.  


2. Crowd Control

Another aspect of San Francisco that's omnipresent is the accumulation of crowds, especially tourists who seem to be almost everywhere, around every corner on a daily basis and not just on the weekends. Your desired platform should be completely free of these unwanted guests. Big cities in the USA including New York, Seattle, Chicago, New Orleans and other populous locations also experience this same type of a dilemma, but it still needs to be a consideration when planning your getaway.


3. Food & Drink

Value-based venues will usually provide water and some light snacks included in the package price, but there should also be additional options. The availability of a full, no-host bar, the potential of offering professional catering services will go a long way in keeping your companion guests happy, well-fed and free from thirst.


5. A Five-Star Staff

When booking a venue, this arena should always include a professional, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff of experts who are always there for your every whim, available at your beck and call. While it may sound pretentious, it's a part of the package price and this qualified staff should be there to serve you and your guests.


6. Realistic Expectations

When you're booking a venue in the SF Bay area and your provider promises you perfect weather, an absence of fog, no forecasted wind gusts or other possible, unexpected changes in weather patterns, they're being completely unrealistic. Typically San Francisco experiences fog (or not) in the early morning hours which will usually burn off later in the day and winds are often unpredictable. In reality, overall temperatures in this area are generally mild year-round along with occasional wind gusts that are generally calm.


7. Friendly Recommendations

Venues offering their services shouldn't always assume travelers coming to visit a well-known city no matter how popular their fog-packed shores are known to be are aware of everything in this area. These hosts (or hostesses) should always offer recommendations for those who are completely unfamiliar with the city and the climate on a typical day. For example, in San Francisco where it's commonly cool and foggy in the morning, then pleasant later in the afternoon, layered clothing is an excellent, friendly recommendation to rookie roamers.


8. Reliable Reservations

Whether you're wanting to book your reservations online or given the option of direct contact with an actual, living, breathing human being, both of these options should be available.

If you want to check off all these boxes affirmatively, please take a moment to look at out our FAQ page to find all the correct answers. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us today. We'll be happy to answer any queries you may have about why our Bay Cruise is the perfect venue for your next event in the Bay Area.

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