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Hosting a Top-Notch Event on the San Francisco Bay

by Anna Harutyunyan

Home to one of the most iconic bridges in the world and one of the largest beachfront natural recreation areas in the country, San Francisco Bay is a sparkling gem that provides a sunny oasis for beach dwellers, as well as a dynamic arts scene for the creative mind. It is a place where life happens, where new ideas are born and where people young and old can come together to enjoy the beautiful scenery located all around them.

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San Francisco Bay boasts a friendly atmosphere where people can enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the sun or savor some peace and quiet in the ambient night time glow of the cityscape. It is a great place to host a corporate meeting, team building event or even a reception. At Bay Lights Charters, we provide an event space that is just a little different from the landlocked banquet halls and convention centers located within the city. Book your event with us and enjoy all of the benefits of a group event on the bay.

Timeless Tours

The GAS LIGHT is a replica of an 18th century schooner that comes complete with a Captain and crew that help make your experience a memorable one. You can discuss business ideas, celebrate special occasions, host team building activities or reunite with friends and loved ones, while you sail around one of the most breathtaking coastal areas of America. Tours usually last around three hours, but we will work with your party to customize a time that works for your group. You will get to see famous attractions such as the two bridges, the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Angel Island, Sausalito and Mt. Tam and other natural beauties.

Meals and Catering to Suit Your Needs

San Francisco is home to world class restaurants from all over the world, so it is easy to treat your guests to a fine gourmet meal. You can make reservations and eat near the dock or we can cater a special meal for your group. Options include cheese and fruit plates, a fully stocked wine and cocktail bar, Caribbean and Mediterranean cuisine, and sandwich platters.

Luxury Meeting Space with a View

On board GAS LIGHT, there are no bad seats in the house! This luxury yacht has plenty of outdoor deck seating space, as well as a reception area and bar below deck. Your guests will find plenty of plush seats that are perfect for kicking back and enjoying the view. GAS LIGHT is equipped with a high-tech surround sound system that is perfect for sharing presentations and listening to music that sets the particular mood you are after.   

Relationship Building Opportunities

Whether you are looking to boost collaboration within your work team or bring your family closer together, a charter tour on the GAS LIGHT will help your group bond with a shared experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. Your group will get to watch native marine wildlife frolic and play in their natural habitat, listen to stories told by expert tour guides, enjoy the light shows of the shoreline, and sample some of the best snacks and spirits on the Bay Area.  


If you have guests traveling in from out of town, or are hosting a multi-day group event, San Francisco Bay has many different hotels to choose from that are offered at all price points. When making your reservations, check with the hotel to see if they offer complimentary transport to the boat docking area. Your guests can also enjoy many great restaurants and an assortment of boutique stores, gift shops and fine art galleries while visiting the Bay area.

Filled with beautiful scenery and plenty of sunny weather, San Francisco Bay is the perfect place to host any type of group event. The crew of GAS LIGHT will provide a once in a lifetime adventure for all of your guests. To book one of our event tours, or to get recommendations on what to see and do while you are in town, contact us today so we can help you with all the details.

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