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Enjoy an Indian Summer on the Bay

by Captain Steve
One of the unique advantages to living and recreating near San Francisco Bay is what locals call "Indian Summer".
As the brisk, sometimes chilly winds of mid-summer that blow from the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean keep the Bay sailors clothed in warm layers and the tourists wondering where summer went, just around the corner is Indian Summer. It is welcome to one and all and lasts for about 2 1/2 months from September to mid-November. 
To charter a boat on the bay during this time is ideal for several reasons:
1. The temperatures are typically warmer on the water by at least 10 degrees than in the summer months.
2. Winds will calm down over the central Bay to more Southern California speeds. This makes for mellow, comfortable sailing and enjoyment of the sights. Especially on our two masted schooner with its wide decks.
3. Fog is usually rare during this time and if it does appear, burns off quickly.
4. Sunsets are glorious with the Golden Gate framing the setting sun. Alternately, to the east, the Oakland Bay Bridge light show is breathtaking from the water as you cruise past Alcatraz or Angel Island.
5. The warm mid-day sun stays warm right up until it begins to set and rarely is there the afternoon chill of the sea breeze.
6. Nature is on display everywhere. The pelicans and sea birds are diving for fish, the Salmon are running, the harbor porpoises are frequently seen and even the great humpback whales venture into the Bay to put on shows for the boats and passengers.
7. Fleet Week. In mid-October, the US Military brings out its ships and fighter jets to the delight of tens of thousands of shoreside spectators. 
The real winners are the lucky guests aboard the hundreds of boats out on the Bay waters directly under the flight paths of the US Navy's precision flight team, the Blue Angels.
To experience the sights and sounds of these jets roaring only a short distance over your head while enjoying the beauty of San Francisco Indian Summer is something everyone should have on their bucket list!
We can help plan and reserve your once - a - year Fleet Week on the water experience aboard our own unique vessel - "Gas Light". A full bar, delicious meals aboard and a professional crew all combine to make this Fleet Week event one you and your guests will never forget.

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Enjoy an Indian Summer on the Bay
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