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6 Ways a Corporate Retreat Can Create a Healthy Culture For Your Business

by Anna Harutyunyan

Managers and supervisors know that their teams are working hard day after day. Even when everyone is working towards a shared goal, it can be difficult to see the big picture when each department is so focused on their individual tasks. Sometimes, a little extra something is needed to bring your team together and help them get re-focused on the final goal.

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Here are a few ways a corporate retreat can help strengthen your team and create a healthy culture for your business:

1. Serve as a reminder that everyone is working together

Sometimes the silos that departments create can make it difficult for coworkers to overcome the barriers between them. Maybe your finance team is focused on quarterly reporting, while your sales team is focused on making their monthly goals. If these teams rarely work together, they can occasionally step on each other's toes, or forget they're even working for the same company. A retreat can bring different departments together and help everyone see that you are working towards a common goal.

2. Improve company morale

Even if you have dress-down days, or fun events and parties at the office, working in the same setting day after day can really wear on your employees. A corporate retreat means a day away from ringing phones and incessant emails. It shows employees that you care about their well-being and happiness, and that you're working to make the office a better place for everyone. Companies with high morale perform 20% better than others, so boosting your team is absolutely essential if you want to become a leader in your industry.

3. Give you a chance to review

A retreat is a great time to talk about the successes you've had over the past few months. Look at what was done well, explore areas that may need improvement, and inspire progress. It's the perfect chance to give a rousing pep talk, encourage self-development, and praise your team for all the hard work that they do.

4. Strengthen your team

Although you see your coworkers every day at the office, spending time with them away from work can help your team feel more like a family. Given the chance to just "hang out," employees will bond and collaborate in new and different ways. They will be able to bring these new discoveries and bonds back to the workplace, helping them work together more efficiently.

5. Be an escape from stress

The day to day stress of being at work can sometimes build to extreme levels before it's noticed, and by then, it can create a serious problem. Stress is detrimental to office morale and to individual employees' mental health. Having a day every so often that is focused on eliminating stress and encouraging relaxation can benefit and refresh everyone, as less stress can lead to more productive employees.

6. Help employees get to know one another better

An employee's loves, passions, and hobbies don't always shine through in an office setting, but in a fun, relaxing place, they can feel more at ease being themselves. Coworkers will likely discover similarities more readily when they spend time together away from the office.

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