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5 Reasons to get out sailing on Gaslight

by Captain Steve
1. The mind re-boots!

Literally, the moment the dock lines are cast off and the boat moves slowly away from the dock, you mind begins to relax, wander and re-set. Very much like a beginning to a meditation.....focus on your breathing, we see it all of the time in people especially in high stress jobs, they immediately become connected to a calmer place.  A place they might not have visited for a long time.
2. The Sounds of Silence.
A sailing vessel of any type has her unique sounds once the engine is shut down. Ours.....the beautiful classic tall ship 'Gas Light' is a good example. The "silence" is actually a cacophony of very pleasant noises: The water rushing by the hull, creaking of the tall douglas fir masts under sail, the soft tap, tap of the halyards against the spars, or perhaps the muffled squeak of a line as it tensions through a block under the load of 1,991 square feet of billowing sail. All these wonderful sounds taken together spell happiness for our guests as the schooner parts the waves and takes them on a new adventure.
3. The retreating Shoreline.
For a landlubber this can be an adjustment to our land based lifestyle. It is amazing how quickly even the most grounded person becomes comfortable on our big, stable vessel. Gas Light is very wide and is an exact replica of a historic sailing vessel that 130 years ago carried great loads of various products from port to port. Her stability is legendary, even on rough waters. 
As the shoreline retreats.....the sea legs gain control on the wide decks and about ten minutes into the cruise, our guests are remarking how flat and stable the boat is. It is only after hours under way that our crew begins to hear "no, I hope we are not heading back in yet...."
4. Leave the driving to us!
Your pleasure is our reward.
Our captains and our crew members are all of an illustrious group. We all are masters of our own environment.....the sea. Beyond the many official layers of "sea time", practical testing and written exams numbering in the far to many to recount, our people serving our guests are full of pride to be part of the Gas Light team. As our two masted schooner glides by the Bay Bridge, past Treasure Island on her way out to the central Bay, we take tremendous pride in knowing we are giving our guests an experience that goes far beyond the selfies and sunset photos over Golden Gate Bridge....... we are giving them our own love of the sea and the sails that fly over it.
5. There is no virtual reality here......
All five senses are immediately engaged simply by stepping aboard and feeling the steady deck, watching the boat move slowly away from  the dock and shoreline. Soon, the engine shuts down and all the natural sounds of a tall ship fills the air. Your mood lifts as the smell of the sea air replaces the city pollutants. Finally, a delicious beverage is found at our bar and the incredible food display is tempting your taste buds. No artificial anything, only an unforgettable outing under sail aboard our vessel Gas Light.
Seventy two feet of pure relaxation.
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